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Mission & Vision

AnkhLave is for community development and creating integration within African Diaspora through Art.

Omega B.

Being an exhibiting visual artist for over a decade, I have experienced many barriers indicative of a marginalized community.  It isnt always easy grabbing the attention of a curator as it is often a who knows who business. It is also difficult being welcomed and accepted into many establishments which are not of color. The art world is no different, and in some ways more difficult, considering its gentrified air of eliteness. For this reason among others I chose to build other domain brands in graphic design (Apophenic Graphics), 2 Fashion lines (Daft Minerva and BuddhaHood), a Sci-Fi Comic (Afrofuture Anthology) etc. and still came across obstacles that were intentionally or unwittingly racially motivated by non minorties as well as minorities who were either indocronated into the standards set forth by others or as a way to elevate themselves without empathetically helping others who come across many of the same barriers. This is particularly unsettling as minorities are the majority in society but are often divisive and willing to trade up to be accepted in what society deems as the elite class, that hey short cut and undercut their people. I wanted to bring people together on the premise of unity and spirituality, which art has the power to do, but I wasn't sure how to for many years.​ As I advanced in my career I acheive many One Man Shows and operate them as I liked monthly, curating Talent including musicians, poets, dancers, belly dancers, burlesquers, etc. Though publicized well in press and other media, the attendance was modest. This was until I founded the Black light Open Mic, curating set lists of music, comedy, body painting, dancers and other acts. Many featured and attending where people of color and the feedback was so appreciative, I knew I had to expand on this platform. For this reason, I founded AnkhLave Mind Media, to spread awareness of Conscious Art of African Diaspora.  

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We're continually working hard to integrate African Diaspora communities throughout the World. If you're interested to see what we've been doing recently (especially if you want to help), check out what we have coming up.

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