We facilitate artist development in a variety of creative genres. We recognize that creative community is the foundation for culture, and in the diversity of experiences and backgrounds, we can develop truly inspiring creative dialogues and experiences together. For this reason, we invest in our often underserved creatives. We have platformed artists in the visual arts, fashion, culinary arts, dance, music, poetry, and creatives in other industries. We have highlighted our artists in a variety of outlets, including exhibitions and pop-up shows, runway shows, trunk shows, workshops, panel discussions, and many others, on the grassroots level since 2007.  In the process we have discovered and made relationships with many artists and galleries alike, and seek to continue building communities across the nation and around the world. We help our emerging and established AnkhLave artists develop their careers to the best of their potential and make it possible for their work to be featured in the most elite establishments possible for maximum recognition, and the potential to make a living doing what they love.