We at AnkhLave Mind Media believe genealogical integrity is a very important foundation for a compassionate voice representing the disposition of African Diaspora today.  At AnkhLave and we  encourage our artists with hard hitting interviews, artist development and workshops regarding the philosophy and voice of our artists beyond immediate culture, back to the motherland. This includes people of African decent (African Americans, Carribbean Americans, Dravidian Indians, Australoid South East Asians, etc, to connect with their truer roots.

Like most African Diaspora in and beyond America and the Caribbean, some of our team members only had a recent reference point in history, and in order to preserve our integrity as Art Facilitators, Curators and Artists, we received our ancestral lineage tests. Having gained such perspective and depth we really identify with what it is to say Black Lives Matter.  

Many AnkhLave Artists have voices regarding Black Lives Matter, though many artists  have not conceived of retrieving their genealogical identities that have been stripped from them coming to America, the Caribbean or other countries. Through our AnkhLave Advocacy, we have gotten many artists to discover their true roots for a deeper voice through their art and stand with the foundational identity that many other ethnicities have little concept of going without. Due to a lack of empathy and understanding  from other demographics who have not been robbed of their ethnicities, we as a demographic come across many obstacles socially, and creatively.