We carefully select and work with both established and emerging artists from around the world, providing resume building opportunities and professional development for maximum recognition in industry.



our mission:



We provide platforms for success to our Artists, including our Annual AnkhLave Juried Art Show, One Man Art Shows for featured Artists, Live Art Demonstrations and Art Tours to name a few.

AnkhLave Arts Association is a growing initiative to diversify the contemporary art conversation.  We are based in New York City but work with both emerging and established artists from around the world in order to help them achieve notoriety through our showcases, online artist registry and magazine. We provide this at no cost to the artists.

We are in dynamic times when people are speaking up for the rights of minorities and the underrepresented in various forms of media. This has been noted in the music, television, and movie industries.  Similarly, many are left out of the contemporary art conversation due to low visibility of artists like them in the art world.  It is AnkhLave Art Association's duty to act as a creative enclave for underserved and under-recognized artists around the world.  These not only include artists of African Diaspora, Oceania, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, but we also embrace artists of all backgrounds who create work in line with AnkhLave's vision.  As a curatorial brand we provide a platform to showcase visual artists of various disciplines, media, and perspectives, giving voice to them in the art conversation of today.


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A platform for artists underserved in the industry

AnkhLave Magazine


AnkhLave Magazine is the official publication profiling curated Artists within the creative themes highlighted in each issue. We also keep a database of our registered AnkhLave Artists on our website.



In addition to our curation, we work with curators, referring our artists for shows as well as enabling guest curators to propose shows featuring our AnkhLave Artists